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THE NEW GENERATION - Fitness Motivation 2019 (Part 1)

One of the reasons is attracting the males or females as the case may be and others want it for the reasons related to health and there are a few who just workout as they enjoy this activity. Various methods are adopted by different people to get a good looking figure. One has to choose the right option as not all are safe for the health. If you make a commitment for life time then you will stay safe from poor feeling of obesity. A former general surgeon Dr. David Satcher found that excess body fat and body weight is epidemic. He said that this epidemic causes death to approximately 300,000 people each year. As a matter of fact excess body fat is now becoming the secondary reason of death in the US. This is a goal that anyone can reach without much pressure. And the rule is not be frightened with the goals as there are a lot ideas that can assimilate the mind along with the body and courage to stay firm on the decision. 1. Firstly, follow a healthy diet full of nutrition. The nutrition works as fuel for the body which makes the body keep working, such is recommended by the health care specialists. Belly dancing is an art by which one masters the art of trembling, shaking, pushing, falling, molding and fastening the body. If the arms, legs and hands start to follow the rhythm the watery motion begins to show up. The dresses worn for the belly dance are such which lets the ladies show up the curves of their body. The schedule for physical activities must plan in a manner where the body becomes prepared for all the kinds of activities. Body must be competent to do simple as well as rigorous exercises. The exercises must be cardiovascular as well as strength based. To start with one can plan a schedule where he/she exercises twice or thrice a week. The reason could be that they have not followed the routine committed. Working for only a few sessions and then never returned to the health club. Here are a few steps which one may follow in order to accomplish the fitness goals and also save the hard earned money. 1. The very first thing to be done is to set your goals, with regard to what you want. 

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