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Routine Fitness sans materiel (30 min) - FITNESS STUDIO BY LUCILE

One must not worry of the illness or if you are forced to walk a little of a mile or to take up stairs in place of lift. It must be taken as an idea to stay fit if you are forced to do some physical work. This is a strong base for fitness. This would make you free and your mind too, peaceful. Along with this your confidence level too would rise as then you would be ready to take anything as it comes your way. One of the main reasons which are included in the advantages of fitness ball is that it makes the body take action as per the instability of the ball along with maintain the balance. Also, a lot of muscles are put to work at the same time. It has to be understood that when we struggle to maintain the balance with the ball all the muscles which are put to action are strengthened. As it has been said in the holy books that human body is like a temple and one must take it as a duty to safeguard it. To keep care of the mind and body is a gracious act. One ought to put in a lot of efforts and also do a lot of work to maintain it. Though it requires intense input of labor but the outcome is definitely satisfying. The foremost is the equipment for cardiovascular exercise. This is the most important one. For this, you must buy treadmill, elliptical trainers and cross trainers. Equipments that enhance the body strength and develop the muscles must be purchased as they help in toning specific muscles. For this you can buy equipments for weight training. But as every coin has two faces there are good as well as bad results of using them and one is asked to choose wisely in order to check if the needs are met accordingly or not. For those, who opt for the free weights; can go for the barbells and the dumbbells, which are latest on the block. You can find single piece, single weight dumbbells easily. The hips are pushed, raised and shimmed in belly dance and also, the pelvic muscles are required to be tilted along with rolling the body. For the hand movements they are moved like a snake. You need to shim both the legs together or one after the other. One who masters these movements needs to practice and add the belly dance in life as a routine and can also achieve a stunning belly with this. 

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