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This will also help you to develop self-confidence and also help you to raise your self-esteem. Good physical appearance and health profits are the2 chief reasons why many individuals consider exercising. However what will you do if you find exercising in a fitness center embarrassing and boring? Most individuals get insecure to exercise in public and this is the major reason why they discontinue working out in the fitness center. The pressures of the present life can be handled successfully only by those who have a good health and in other words to succeed today one needs to remain fit. Both the things are related to each other. Those who are fit are taken as vigorous and their level o0f vigor rises at every point. The evolution theory too states that those who are physically and mentally fit are the only ones who can survive and also let their genes be passed on. The body is refueled and if there is healing required to be done, these are also done by the working of the nervous system. If you have lethargic feeling it means you need rest. You may take a nap or sit back to relax for a while. If you have sleeping disorders then you must consult a doctor. Exercises cannot be done if you are not hale and hearty. If you wish to live a happier and more satisfying life then you will have to look after your body. Technology is ever increasing and it is beneficiary too, but it has lots of disadvantages that cannot be neglected. Life has become simpler with the advent and employment of machines and computers at work. The fitness of the body is based on the restrictions that are put on the body physically and what all one is able to do in a certain lifestyle, like what you eat and what are your habits. Here is a little history about the components used in physical fitness. With a fit body one can survive longer as the body has more capacity to keep and maintain the required levels of oxygen and all the nutrients that are essential for the perfect functioning of the body. Let's say, for those who want to become fit probably first look at a health club via membership. Though, there are instances when people join and are unable to get the result that they desire. This is a fact that cannot be ignored. The reason could be that they have not followed the routine committed. 

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