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Bodybuilder tries the Russian Army Fitness Test without practice

Technology is ever increasing and it is beneficiary too, but it has lots of disadvantages that cannot be neglected. Life has become simpler with the advent and employment of machines and computers at work. This has made so easy that that people have move towards a lazy lifestyle such that they can't even look after their body. A time comes in life when one feels like meeting the special person in life with whom he/she can think about spending the whole life. But this is not the only thing that is required for happy life. One ought to stay healthy and fit too in order to enjoy the life to the fullest. Socializing keeps you happy as you can forget your tensions but to stay healthy you need to exercise as well. If you require working out on particular muscles of your body then you can think of working out in weight machines. The groups of machines that you can work on are deltoids, biceps and quadriceps in a safe manner. Furthermore you cannot work out effectively with free weights on your calf muscles and hamstrings. Pushups - one of the best exercises for the upper body is push-ups. In the present time only a little number of people does it as machines for pressing are preferred. It is the best exercise for which one does not even need a tool. The basic level of pushups includes grips that are standard, close and wide. If your body has the capability to do everything and enjoy doing leisure activities as well, then you are physically fit. Also, for a fit body it is easy to take on the stress and do some work even in times that are adverse. Physical fitness is all about god health of heart, muscles, lungs and all the body parts. Rush paces, fast moves. You can find almost any adult running in a hurry. I wonder how not they get time for themselves and their health. Most people have a tendency to neglect the most critical element of everyday program, i.e. workout. This problem has become much worse with the advent of technology. 

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